Money. Brower. Respect. (The Documentary)

Principal Photography: Jacob Wayler, Kelsey Smith, Tim Ciavara, Harrison Corwin, Sean Gordon Loebl

Additional Photography: Adrian Lau, Alon Sicherman, Clark Slater, Sheriff PJ

Drone Photography: Travis Hoggard, Brooklyn Aerials

Director/Editor: Nicholas Briggs

Color: Tim Ciavara

Sound Mixing: Galen Mullins

Executive Producer: Peter Bittenbender

DJ Lucas - Where The Sidewalk Bends

Camera Operators: Victor Michael, Jacob Wayler and Grayson Kohs

Director / Editor: Nick Briggs

Producers: Matt Lubansky and Reuben Sinder

Wiki - "Crib Tax: Live From the Crib"

DP + Gaffer: Jacob Wayler

Additional Photography: Matt Lubansky

Editor / Color: Nick Briggs

RATKING - Arnold Palmer

Directed/Edited by Matt Lubansky

Shot by: Jacob Wayler, Victor Michael, Alon Sicherman

Color: Sean Gordon-Loebl


Footage: Jacob Wayler

Edit: Dana Kendall

Color: Grayson Kohs

Reflection / Construction (Ferrell)

Completed for Senior Exercise in Contemporary Art, 2013.

Reflection / Construction is a multimedia video piece centered around the symbiotic nature of memory, relationships, and identity.

Central to this project is the idea that identity is dynamic. We each develop our own personal constructs of identity based on shared experiences. I was interested in how memories (reflection) reveal the individualized nature of identity.

The audio to this piece is a dually-layered audio recording of a one-page letter written to a close friend, Ferrell, two weeks before graduation from college. As I reflect on our time together, my words literally bring Ferrell to life.